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Certified for Explosion Proof

These cameras are IECEx, ATEX and INMETRO certified which ensures that the equipment is in compliance with all EU regulations for being installed in hazardous areas. 


Highly Modular for Rapid Deployment

Come with a retractable pneumatic telescopic mast, it can be equipped with solar power system, IP cameras, video analytics, PA equipment and wireless devices for long distance remote monitoring and surveillance.

Weatherproof CCTV Products v3.png

Designed for Harsh Weather 

These weatherproof Stainless steel and Aluminum camera bodies are suitable for installation in harsh weather and marine environments without compromising on camera technology or quality.


Intelligent Video Analytics

Improve Safety and Security

Analyze videos and “learn” to identify objects, people, activities, emotions – in real time or post factor.

Server Room-1.jpg

Well Designed Backend System

 A well-designed, maintained, and leveraged backend system that reduce startup time, keep operating, and support safety and security needs.

IS Mobile.png

Certified for Intrinsically Safe

Safe operation of electrical Mobile Phone in hazardous areas by limiting the energy, electrical and thermal, available for ignition.

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